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Meet the Mavericks Behind Tehnika

At Tehnika, our story began with a shared vision of blending technology and creativity to pioneer new horizons. We’re more than just a business; we’re a movement driven by an unwavering passion for innovation. Each project exemplifies our belief in the transformative potential of technology, empowering us to challenge conventions and create inspiring digital experiences.

Behind Tehnika stands a team of diverse experts, each a master in their own domain – from visionary designers to coding prodigies and strategic thinkers. Our collective strength lies in this diversity, uniting under a common goal to deliver innovative and impactful solutions. As we forge ahead, our commitment to excellence remains unyielding.

Petar Petkovski

Creative Director, Photography & Video, Web Design, SysAdmin

Vladimir Dimitrijevski

Web Development, DevOps, SysAdmin, Apple Hall of Fame

Filip Mirchevski

Graphic Design, Photo-Editing, Concept Art, Illustrations, Storyboard

Sandra Atanasova

Branding, Editorial & Print Design, Vector Illustrations

Petar Ilic

Application Development, Web Development, SysAdmin

Viktor Kuzmanovski

Application Development, Web Development

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Your Vision, Our Expertise

Dive into a partnership where your boldest visions are met with our cutting-edge expertise. Together, we unlock innovation, turning imaginative ideas into digital realities that set you apart.

Crafting Success Together

We believe in building more than just solutions; we’re about crafting your success story. By understanding your unique challenges and goals, we tailor our approach to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Where Creativity Meets Technology

Elevate your brand to new heights in a collaboration where creativity and technology converge. Our team empowers your brand, harnessing the latest digital innovations to create impactful, lasting experiences.

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